Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Transforming an Old Dress into a Trendy Two-Piece

DIY Two-Piece

I'm back with another transformation of old thrifted clothes that probably no one will wear as they are! This one is a dress that I will be changing into a two-piece. Again, I didn't record my process. I totally forgot because I was so into the moment. If you guys would like to see future transformations with the process, comment below or tell me through my Instagram or any other social media.
This was the easiest transformation I had done so far and I lovee the outcome!
So, this is the before of the dress:
As you can see, it's sort of an "old lady" style dress and waaayy old. So, I did my thing, and wah-lah!
Here is how it looks after! A trendy two-piece.

So all I really did was separate the top from the bottom and cropped the skirt up. After cropping the skirt, I adjusted it to fit my waist and then added elastic. For the top, I kept it the same, except I added a laced back to the back.


Choker: Claire's 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review

Dresslink was kind enough to give me $20 to spent on clothes that I wanted to review. I tried to pick out some clothes that you guys would want to buy or check to see if it's good quality. I bought three items I will review on today. 
So first, let's talk about shipping. I got my package paid on July 23, 2015 and shipped out on the 28th. It arrived on Aug. 11. It took three business days to process and ten days to ship out, which I think is pretty fast. The items came in a bag package and not a box package, but I didn't have any breakables so it was fine. The package looks like this:

It was nice that the clothes came individually packaged. 

1- "Plants are Friends" Tee 

I did fold the t-shirt in the picture above, but the graphic on there is actually good quality. One thing that surprised me was how the t-shirt was designed. I bought it thinking was going to be loose-fitting and jersey material, but it came in small and scratchy material. Plus, it does not look like the picture on the website. I think it's still a pretty good tee, I don't like wearing tight fitting clothes though, so that's the only reason why I don't really like it.

Other then the snug fit, scratchy material and the fact that it did not look like the picture on the site, it's a pretty good t-shirt if you don't compare it to the picture.

I got this shirt in a one-size and it's pretty snug on me. I wouldn't recommend getting it if you are a size M or larger.
Price: $3.10
Size: one-size
--You can check the original tee out on the site here.

2- Halter Top
On it, it says, "You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars"

The material is very stretchy. In fact, I think it might be tooooo stretchy. Once it stretches, it stays stretched and it sucks because it'll be all loose on you. However, I do think this was one of the best items out of the three that I got.
I like this piece a lot, but I would get a size small next time I buy a stretchy halter from Dresslink. If you are a s/m or a m I would suggest a small. I had my sister (who is a size M) try it and it fits loose too. However, if you have a larger chest but is a s/m, I would suggest M because there won't be enough chest coverage.
Price: $3.91
Size: Medium
If you want one, feel free to order yourself one here.

3- Tennis Skirt

There were a few loose threads, but nothing that would tear the skirt apart. Again, (I think this is for all the buttons from Dresslink( but the button was loose. You can see from the picture that it was only looped through two hole and not all four. So I would probably go in a sew that in tighter.
When I got it, it was in good condition and everything. The zipper worked and the button was on it, but when I wore it, the zipper broke. My hip bones were too big. ): But I can easily replace the zipper, so that's no problem. I am kind of disappointed that it broke, but if you sew, it'll be an easy replace.
Honestly, this is a good dupe for the AA tennis skirts--minus the broken zipper.

The length is perfect and it's not see-through.
You can see that the zipper broke on the left, but I'll just replace it.
It was kind of tight around the waist, but not uncomfortable tight.
I would recommend a M if you are a s/m If you are a small, just go with a  small.
Size: S
Price: $5.99

If you would like to check it out and the extra reviews out, click here.

These were the three items that I chose to review for you guys, and I would appreciate it if you check the items out! If you guys have any questions about the items above, just drop down  your questions below and I'll answer them for you! Thank you.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School Decor Ideas

Back to School Décor Ideas

School is slowly closing in on us! Some of us has already started school already. I'm here today with some ideas on how to decorate your school binders and notebooks to motivate yourself to do well in school! I know that for me, I find it easier to enjoy school if I decorate my school materials to my liking. The first ideas that I will be showing you are these binder decors that are super easy and cute to do.
  • This first one is this yellow binder. I decided to change my normal color picks so I picked up this mustard colored binder. On the front cover, I just simply inserted a drawing I drew over summer. If you don't draw or anything like that, you can just print out a nice picture of your liking and insert it there. I don't like to label my binders just because it makes it more like a job to open my binder up because it just makes it feel too school-like.

- To make the divider, I just grabbed some cardstock paper and stickers and put it all together. So, using some black construction paper, I sketched out "math" on a white cardstock, cut it out, and basically just glued it onto the black construction paper. I added some cute stickers to spice it up and just glued it to the big colored cardstock paper. I then added some tape around the divider sign to insure that it won't rip because it hangs outside the binder folds.

 The next one is this purple binder. There really isn't much to it. I just stuck a star-covered blue paper in the front and left it at that. You can design it if you want but I prefer it blank.

Lastly, a magazine covered notebook!
- To do this, you just need a notebook of your choice (I got a notebook without spirals because I don't really like them) and magazines. If you don't have magazines, you can just print out some pictures. You also need something to glue the pictures onto the cover. This is optional, but ModPodge can be used as the top layer to make everything stick.

  • Okay, so first of all, you need to lay out your pictures you chose. Here is how I laid mine out. As you can see, I stuck with a black and white theme. 
  •  This step isn't necessary if your notebook has no holes or you don't really need the holes. I wanted holes in my notebook so I could put it in my binder so to do this, take the pictures that cover up the holes and basically just mark where the holes are.

  • I recommend using a single hole puncher, but this works as well. (I couldn't find my single hole puncher so I had to use the 3-ring one)
  • When you finish, you should have something like this. Simply glue it onto the cover and if you have ModPodge, apply a layer on the top to make sure it lasts you the school year. (I couldn't find my ModPodge so it's not in the pictures.)
These are all my ideas on binders and notebooks! You can switch it up and be creative with it! These are simple ideas, but it can really help you be more motivated during school. I wish the best for you all in school!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wall Decor

Something New for Motivation!

 Hellooooooo thereee! I haven't had any time to do any thrifting revamps, but I did get to decorate my empty wall! (i still have to decorate my bed wall) Since school is almost here, I needed some motivation to get back into the school vibe, so I decorated my wall! I'll post a bed wall decor and maybe some DIY's asap after I actually decorate it.

I have the worst lightning in my room, so I had to make it up with a filter! 
The backboard is just made of card-stock that I taped together. It's super easy! Then I just painted the edges blue and taped (I couldn't find my glue gun) lace around the borders. 

What's better then a homemade calendar?? I find it way easier to make my own calendars than trying to find one that I like at the store. This way I can just decorate to my liking! I used post-its to put the numbers of the month on the calendar and the rest was just was card-stock and markers! Hanging to the left is my owl lanyard.

Just a little bit of pictures to style it up! I hung the pictures on a string and held it up with clothespin. And if you're curious, the pictures are of me and my boyfriend like, two years ago. 
Hanging on one of the clothespin is my one and only necklace I actually wear. I got it from Psithuria. I believe they are closed for summer though. 
Next to my pictures is a whiteboard! This is just to put any reminders and write quotes and whatnot on it. It fills up the empty space pretty well too!

Below all that is just my books and post-its annddd succulents. I'm in the process of doing the Mess book by Keri Smith. 

Lastly, my succulents. I still have to re-pot them because they're growing and need more space, but I haven't found any pots to re-pot them in yet. I got these at the Chico farmers market. They just add a nice touch of nature to my plain room. 

That ends my wall decor and thanks for reading! I hope you all have a great day(: